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General Info

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 1211 27th Pl S, Ste 105 Birmingham, AL 35205. Our suite is around the top right side of the building toward the back.

Q: Do you sell film?

A: We do! We offer a selection of 35mm and 120 film in color and black & white, which can be purchased in person at the lab. At this time we only sell to our local community, and we do not sell online or ship any film.

Q: Do you offer prints?

A: We do not offer prints at this time. We scan negatives to digital files and email via WeTransfer.


Q: How do I place an order?

A: Orders can be placed online here.

Q: How do I get my film to you?

A: Film can be dropped off in person at the lab, or in our 24-hour onsite dropbox. We do not accept mail-in orders at this time.

Q: What is the expected turnaround time?

A: You should expect to receive your scans within 1 calendar week. Please note that larger orders may require additional time.

Q: How will I receive my scans?

A: Scans will be sent via email through WeTransfer. Download links are valid for 90 days. If you need to download again after 90 days, please contact us and we'll be happy to resend them at no charge.

Q: Will my negatives be returned?

A: Of course! We will hold negatives for 30 days to be picked up in person, or we can mail them for the price of postage. We will send a reminder email before discarding any negatives. If you need more time to pick up, please let us know.


Q: What types of film can you develop?

A: We currently offer developing services for Color Negative (C41) and Black & White film in 35mm, 120, and 620 formats.

Q: Do you develop disposable cameras?

A: Absolutely! Just choose the regular 35mm option on our order page.

Q: Do you push or pull film?

A: We will push color and black & white film up to 3 stops and we will pull black & white film up to 2 stops.

Q: What if my roll comes out blank?

A: Developing services are final, however, we will never charge to scan a blank roll and any amount paid for scanning will be refunded.


Q: What type of scanners do you use?

A: 35mm film is scanned on a Nortisu LS-1100. Medium formats will be scanned on a Nikon Coolscan LS8000.

Q: What are the dimensions of your scan offerings?

A: 35mm scans are offered in the following sizes:


  • Small - Approx. 1000x1500 pixels (Ideal for social media or viewing on mobile devices. Max print size ~3x5)
  • Medium - Approx. 2000x3000 pixels (Max print size ~8x10)
  • Large - Approx. 4000x6000 pixels (Max print size ~16x20)

120/620 (Large Only)

  • 6x4.5 - Approx. 8,964 x 6,696 pixels
  • 6x6 - Approx. 8,964 x 8,964 pixels
  • 6x7 - Approx. 8,964 x 11,016 pixels
  • 6x9 - Approx. 8,964 x 13,176 pixels

Q: What file formats are offered?

A: All files will be sent as JPEG unless you have chosen the TIFF option.